Mobility with Stability





1) They are much safer to walk on, so causing fewer accidents to patients.

2) They are easier to walk with, making patients mobile much quicker.

3) There is better maneuverability on them.

4) They greatly reduce the jarring on the wrist, elbow and shoulder joints.

5) There is less wear on the adjuster in the crutch therefore the crutch itself does not need replacing so quickly.




1) The unit has an in-built shock absorber to minimise the jarring when the crutch comes into ground contact.

2) The universal joint allows the arms to work in a natural position. While a standard crutch sits in a rigid fashion preventing the hands from spreading outwards to support the weight, the STEPSAFE Walking Aid device has a ground engaging pad that remains flat, even on an incline, with an easily rotating universal joint that allows the hands and arms to move into a natural position. This greatly reduces the extra stress, that can be caused from the upward pressure, on the wrists, elbows and shoulder joints.


3) Patients seem to recover mobility much quicker after surgery because they feel safer on them, thus freeing hospital beds earlier.



4) Less people having to receive treatment after having an accident on the normal crutches