Mobility with Stability



We are a new company and have a genuinely innovative product on the market that adds stability and confidence to all persons using crutches.

Dave Youde, an engineer and designer of the STEPSAFE Walking Aid device saw that a very simple and straightforward addition to the crutches would have stopped his wife sustaining two serious falls, after being crippled in an industrial accident which has put her on crutches for life. During the five years Mrs.Youde has used the prototype she has not fallen once, due to the STEPSAFE Walking Aid device and now Stepsafe Limited has brought it onto the market so that everybody, whether on crutches for a short time or longer, can feel confident and mobile.

Furthermore, any person with a need for a walking stick can also have the STEPSAFE Walking Aid device attached to increase their confidence on slopes.

The STEPSAFE Walking Aid device has a base that rotates, making manoeuvering easier and it sits completely flat on any incline up to 15 degrees; it has an interchangeable foot pad which outlasts the standard walking aid rubber foot. This makes it more economical than other products on the market because you don't have to buy the whole unit every time you only need to buy the easy to fit  rubber pad.

The STEPSAFE Walking Aid device also incorporates a shock absorbing feature, which significantly reduces forces transmitted through the upper limb, hence it lessens incidences of nerve compression, shoulder, elbow and wrist pain.

So as you can see you can now have Mobility and Stability with this ingenious device.


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